If you’ve been looking into getting commercial and residential HVAC replacements in Canoga Park, CA done, then you’ve inevitably found yourself wondering what the real difference is.  Most HVAC companies are perfectly willing to service either so what difference, aside from cost, does it really make? We’re going to help answer that question by going through the differences you’ll find in commercial and residential HVAC, and why it just might pay to hire a specialist rather than a generalist.

Size & Power of Commercial and Residential HVAC Replacements in Canoga Park, CA

One of the first things you’ll notice about the HVAC systems is that commercial systems tend to be larger. While this isn’t necessarily an absolute rule, most businesses occupy a space significantly larger than your average family home. As a result you’re going to find that the systems themselves tend to occupy significantly more space. Warehouses in particular can require a significantly enhanced HVAC system to heat and cool properly. Another place you’ll find larger systems is in factories where the machinery itself can produce so much heat it makes the environment unsafe for workers. These systems also tend to contain advanced filtration systems to control the spread of dust and particulates throughout the facility.

Residential HVAC, on the other hand, tends to have lower requirements and use significantly smaller central units. The filtration system in a house tends to focus on HEPA filter style devices that block bacteria, dust, mites, and other concerns that may not matter in an industrial or commercial setting.

The Complexity of Commercial and Residential HVAC Replacement in Canoga Park, CA 

As you can probably tell, commercial systems tend to be a lot more complex than the residential version. In most commercial and industrial applications there will be some concern about zone control, meaning the system has to be able to sense the temperature in various locations and adjust the flow of cooling or heating to those areas accordingly. A seafood processing center is going to want the workflow colder than the offices to ensure the safety of the product. These aren’t issues a home system faces. On the other hand, residential systems can have zoning as well, only their zoning system is going to be a lot more complex than most production facilities. Individual rooms may each need to have their own temperature setting to accommodate the needs of different family members.

Ventilation, Exhaust, And Drainage for Commercial and Residential HVAC Replacements in Canoga Park, CA 

The result of a larger, more complex system is an increased need for exhaust, drainage, and ventilation features in the system. The ventilation in particular is an important system for homes and businesses as they can affect how healthy the interior of those locations are.  Commercial buildings will also need to be able to accommodate the high amount of exhaust that the unit will exude during operation, something that most residential units don’t have to worry about.

These are just some of the differences that set apart the needs of Commercial and Residential HVAC replacements in Canoga Park, CA.  It’s a process that we here at AOL Heating & Air Inc have helped clients manage as their homes and businesses grow and change. Call us today for a consultation if you’re in need of these services, we guarantee your satisfaction!